Floral Fields Rustic Amazonite Flower Necklace by Susan Wachler Jewelry
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Botanical Sapphire

Botanical Sapphire

The Inspiration

A contemporary flower ring featuring gorgeous white sapphire. The flowers of the field are a study in determination. Each spire of petals is a declaration for life, and an accomplishment of overcoming all obstacles. The cycle of seed to flower and returning again to seed is a beautiful rhythm of nature’s inherent beauty.

Rustic, charming, and unique, Botanical Sapphire is a one of a kind original that celebrates the tenacity of nature and the reflection of that triumph in our lives. Hand forged in brass with a sterling silver band, this flower necklace features a gorgeous white sapphire nestled in the petals.

Made to order, this hand forged flower ring 1 inch across. 

Note from the Artist

I made this flower ring entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures I can create combining fusing, forging, and casting. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with Botanical Sapphire I was inspired by the unceasing drive of nature’s beauty to overcome all obstacles.

For this flower ring, I took great pleasure in nestling a beautiful white sapphire among the petals, like a sparkling drop of dew. Natural beauty comes in many forms, from the smallest seed to the mightiest oak, and every aspect of the journey between. The constant determination of life to overcome all obstacles is a deeply inspiring never ending journey.

I hope you enjoy Botanical Sapphire.


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