Sterling Silver and Gold Mixed Metal Earrings by Susan Wachler Jewelry

Gold Pebbles


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Sterling silver mixed metal earrings encrusted with 22k gold cobblestones for a unique textured look. Modern lines with an edgy vibe, these wonderfully textured earrings are inspired by the steps we take in life’s journey. 

Organically fused in sterling silver, the Gold Pebbles mixed metal earrings celebrate the spontaneous choices that life brings us, and our experiences every step of the way. Hand forged and fused, these contemporary earrings are a delightful mix of textures, reflecting golden light accented with a beautiful black patina.

Gold Pebbles measure 2.5 inches from the top of the post, and include sterling silver butterfly-style closures.

Note from the Artist

I make these mixed metal earrings entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures created by combining fusing, granulation, and forging. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with Gold Pebbles I am inspired by the choices and memories made in our life’s path.

Every step in life’s journey builds on the one before, but looking back, some are more memorable than others. Each experience shapes and defines us, as we walk through life. Shining moments in time, the golden memories are the ones we return to again and again. The perfect instances frozen forever in our memories, gilded with love and remembrance. 

Probably one of the most rewarding things to create is handmade texture- and the texture in Gold Pebbles is no exception. I always approach the creation of texture a bit like a mad scientist. The alchemy of fire, force, and metal is unpredictable and enthralling. Each hammer blow shapes the metal in a new direction. Each pass of a torch runs the risk of artistic implosion, where the metal could sink into a formless mass once more. The thrill of creation is echoed in the rush of artistic freedom with every moment, until the final texture is achieved. 

I hope you enjoy Gold Pebbles.


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