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Hand Cut Turquoise Sterling Necklace


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One of a kind hand cut and polished freeform turquoise necklace set in sterling silver rustic rectangular sheet with heavy wall sterling bezel. This artisan pendant has a hammer texture adding dimension and contrast and a “weathered” look to enhance the aesthetic of this turquoise.

The back of this pendant has a roller embossing of a shield which is slightly oxidized to enhance the pattern and contrast. The background has the same hammer texture as the front which has tiny divots or hammer marks to add to the rustic flavor.

The sterling chain is handmade and each link is well soldered and formed in a teardrop shape. This allows for an organic yet organized feel for the pendant and provides both balance to this composition as well as some versatility with adjustable lengths. The chain is a textured link made from a durable gauged sterling and is a decorative and functional part of this design.