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Hydrangea Leaf Ring


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Beautiful pressed hydrangea petals are embossed into sterling silver sheet, sawn with jewelry saw and sculpted and formed with hand tools to add dimension and volume.

Heavy gauge sterling provide stability and solid durable form for ring without worries of bending or catching.

The height and width of the flower is a statement size of 1” in height and width. It sits proudly yet comfortably atop the hand and doesn’t slip from side to side. If you love nature transformed into a beautiful artisan jewelry aesthetic, this one’s for you.

The center stone is a Swarovski 3mm cubic zirconia set in a sterling silver tube bezel.

The fine lines left in the silver from the embossed petals are delicate and very noticeable thanks to the slight use of oxides which are applied in the recessed areas and then buffed off to provide both shine and accent.

The textured areas are soft and delicate just like the real flower from which this was made.

The ring has not been cast or made with metal
clay. It is completely hand fabricated, the silver sheet was embossed in a rolling mill and all forming was done by hand.

The band is a simple and comfortable 8mm band with slight dotted texture and can be further sized or made to order by request.