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Industrial Connections


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Industrial Connections

Product Description

These mixed metal steel earrings are the ultimate modern luxury indulgence. In these contemporary accessories, 22k gold is fused onto cold milled steel panels which are connected with sterling wires, and sealed to inhibit rust. This rough and raw material is tamed, contained and elevated into the ultimate metropolitan accessory. Featuring sterling ear wires and sterling silver dangles, these earrings are approximately 2.6” inches in length. Please note, even though they have been sealed to inhibit rust, it is not a good idea to wear them swimming or to saturate them in any way. Hand fabricated for the modern urban warrior, make these mixed metal steel earrings your new favorite!

Note from the Artist

Probably one of the most rewarding things to create is handmade texture- and the varying textures in Industrial Connections is no exception. I always approach the creation of texture a bit like a mad scientist. The alchemy of fire, force, and metal is unpredictable and enthralling. Each hammer blow shapes the metal in a new direction. Each pass of a torch runs the risk of artistic implosion, where the metal could sink into a formless mass once more. The thrill of creation is echoed in the rush of artistic freedom with every moment, until the final texture is achieved. 

Fusing is one of the most nervewracking tools in my artistic arsenal. It’s essentially precision melting, with all the errors and sudden inexplicable disasters that are implied. Taking two different pieces of metal and alchemically forcing them to be one is.. an extreme rush. Adrenaline surges, your heart beats faster, your hands want to shake, and under the torch the metal moves from a solid to a liquid. Near disaster looms… until suddenly there’s almost fusion. Then the art of the Zone takes over. Move the torch one way, change the angle, take it away or swirl the flame, and any number of things could happen. Yes, you could very well make a puddle, but if you’re quick, magic happens and elegant fusion takes place. It’s so much fun.

I hope you enjoy Industrial Connections.

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