Mysterious Depths Blue Agate Necklace by Susan Wachler Jewelry

Mysterious Depths


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A contemporary Brazilian agate necklace featuring unique pebbled silver chain. Fused and forged sterling frames a stunning celadon and white banded agate in this one of a kind art necklace. 

Rustic, detailed, and unique, Mysterious Depths is a one of a kind original that celebrates the subtle forces of water. Hand forged in sterling silver, this agate necklace features unique riveted silver discs, accented with a fused silver pebbles.

Featuring an adjustable hand forged chain, this necklace is a unique piece of sculptural art jewelry. Adjustable from 18 to 21 inches.

Note from the Artist

I made this Agate necklace entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures I can create combining fusing, forging, casting and riveting. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with Mysterious Depths I was inspired by the ever changing secret depths of water.

Rippling waters ebb and flow revealing and concealing with each subtle wave. The rippling pattern of this sumptuous Brazilian Agate reminds me of the undulating eddies of stones cast upon the water. Silver pebbles skipping blithely along, until they’re lost beneath the waves, sinking secrets into the mysterious depths far beyond our reach. All that remains are the gently spreading rings of water to mark their passage. An ephemeral journey leaving rapidly fading swells along the surface, drifting peacefully in silent serenity.

Probably one of my favorite things to create is handmade chain- and the chain in Mysterious Depths is no exception. For this art necklace, I decided it needed even more visual texture to balance the stunning Agate. Each link is dedicated textured and accented with silver pebbles, then forged and warped into shape before being riveted. A graceful line of graduating silver links textured and forged with subtle detailing in a perfect sweep of rippling silver. No two links are identical, of course, right down to the hand forged incorporated clasp.

I hope you enjoy Mysterious Depths.

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