On the Elliptical Chrysocolla Silver Necklace by Susan Wachler Jewelry

On the Elliptical


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Detailed forging highlights form and symmetry in this contemporary chrysocolla silver necklace. Elegant hand forged sterling silver with textured detailing is suspended from a beautiful cognac leather cord accented with silver end caps.  Hand forged, this contemporary chrysocolla silver necklace is a stunning focal for any outfit. Pendant measures 2.5 inches in length, and cord is 18 inches. If you would prefer another length, please don’t hesitate to ask, I’d be happy to adjust it for you!

Note from the Artist

I made this chrysocolla silver necklace entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures created by combining fusing and forging. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with On the Elliptical I was inspired by the balance of forms and shapes.

The shape of an ellipsis is often overlooked by everyone but artists. But the word Elliptical is intimately known by millions. An ellipsis is an oblong oval shape, found in many places. Whether it’s a flower bud getting ready to unfurl, or the path a planet takes around a star- each is beautiful in it’s own right. Shall we take the elliptical path? Never direct and slightly off center, the sideways path is bound to be more fun. Nothing as traditional as a true oval or as intimidating as a perfect circle- the ellipsis is subtly fascinating in all aspects.

I always approach the creation of texture a bit like a mad scientist. The alchemy of fire, force, and metal is unpredictable and enthralling. Each hammer blow shapes the metal in a new direction. Each pass of a torch runs the risk of artistic implosion, where the metal could sink into a formless mass once more. The thrill of creation is echoed in the rush of artistic freedom with every moment, until the final texture is achieved. 

I hope you enjoy On the Elliptical.

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