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Organic Cuff Bracelet


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This 1” wide cuff bracelet is an organic wonder made to be fierce yet feminine and comfortable to wear. The bracelet is made by forging and forming and appliquéing a 1” x6” sheet of (recycled) sterling.

The appliqué is both fused (and soldered where needed) to the bracelet base in an organic wire stick fashion along with scattered granules of fine silver attached for embellishment and contrast. An engraved texture is subtle and added to the negative space between the twigs and he silver base to add interest and to provide minimalist contrast between the textures.

After the final finishing, a light patina (oxide) is added to the cuff and polished off the higher parts of the piece to enhance the contrast depth and scope of this design.

Because all my pieces are handmade and one of a kind, should you request this bracelet be made for you, please understand that you will see similar features in the size and shape of this cuff, but there may be noticeable differences as well, which will keep your cuff original and unique, because no two handmade items will ever be exactly the same.

Further customization will be considered too if you have specific requests. Gold can be added for some of the design as well as stones, and costs will vary to attend to the material
costs that will be design dependent.

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