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Pink Chalcedony Ring


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Pink chalcedony ring handmade sterling and pink rose chalcedony. Stone measures 3/4” on longest section. Stone is cut with checkerboard facets and shape is freeform cushion square.

Band on ring is a scalloped edge and offers comfort as well as style. The ring band has an overlap wrap around seam where it is soldered and this adds to the aesthetic.

Slightly rustic, the band has a weathered texture and is darkened with a slight charcoal patina. The area surrounding the stone is shiny with a contrast at the edges of the bezel.

If you like the natural beauty of a pink stone, this one is said to enhance qualities of unconditional love and assist with calming. If crystal healing isn’t part of your repertoire, no worries. The stone is a calming pink color and the cut is brilliant in the sunlight.