Repose Hollowform Necklace by Susan Wachler Jewelry
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These troubled times call upon us all to stop and listen. The gift of freedom is not equal, our rights are not universal. As a nation, (actually, a world) we witness repeated atrocities, yes, again and again…

It is beyond heartbreaking to write that small word. “Again.”

Because this is not the first time our universal inalienable rights have been selectively applied. Not the first time people of color have been callously killed by those who are supposed to serve and protect.

I’m not a politician. Or a policeman. I am an artist who is listening and acting. My voice is inside the things I create.

Through all the violence, the pain, the heartbreak, the injustice, the grief, there must be white action.

People of color don’t have the luxury of rest. As a white woman, I see the luxury of a day off because privilege doesn’t disappear overnight. People of color fight at every facet of life imaginable to survive another day, and to protect those they love.

It is this commitment which lives in me that Repose is born.

In Repose, my new sterling hollow form figure is 2.75” wide 7/8” tall.

Featuring an adjustable sterling chain. This necklace is a unique piece of sculptural art jewelry. Adjustable from 18 to 21 inches, can be adapted further on request.

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