Riveted Shields Gold Keum Boo Steel Earrings by Susan Wachler Jewelry

Riveted Shields


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Modern keum boo steel earrings. Gorgeous 22K yellow gold fused atop steel and sealed to prevent rust, with sterling silver posts and backs. Total length is 2.5” and so lightweight you could wear them for days. Keum boo Steel earrings add the perfect unexpected edge to any occasion, and a touch of golden glamour to any outfit.

Organically forged, the Riveted Shields explore the dichotomy of material perceptions. Hand forged, these keum boo steel earrings are accented with a beautiful black patina.

Note from the Artist

I made these one of a kind keum boo steel earrings entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures created by combining fusing, granulation, and forging. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with Riveted Shields I am inspired by our perceptions of the materials around us.

Since ancient days gold has been prized by generations of people. We prize it’s luster, and it’s sheen. It was the metal of kings, and now is synonymous with wealth and prestige. Yet Steel has also been prized for it’s strength and utility. Each metal is fundamental in it’s own way, but only gold is considered precious. These earrings willfully challenge that perception, and brazenly insist on equality.

Probably one of the most rewarding things to create is handmade texture- and the varying textures in Riveted Shields is no exception. I always approach the creation of texture a bit like a mad scientist. The alchemy of fire, force, and metal is unpredictable and enthralling. Each hammer blow shapes the metal in a new direction. Each pass of a torch runs the risk of artistic implosion, where the metal could sink into a formless mass once more. The thrill of creation is echoed in the rush of artistic freedom with every moment, until the final texture is achieved. 

I hope you enjoy Riveted Shields.

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