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Rustic Artisan Cuff


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Rustic Oxidized One Of A Kind Sterling Artisan Cuff/Bangle
Looks like a cuff, slides on like a bangle.

This weathered distressed looking badass amazing bracelet is for those of you who enjoy making a firm statement with your jewelry. This cuff is edgy literally (all filed and sanded smooth) and slides on the arm like a bangle but is styled like a cuff. It can be sized and reformed to have a perfect fit for a cuff if you know the size of the wrist and the desired opening. Just send me a message.

The cuff is all hand formed / forged using metal stakes and hammers and brings the firm of traditional cuff bracelets (anticlastic) into another dimension. This signature piece is made from sterling silver, rolled in mill to create the slightly asymmetric form and distressed at edges with hammered and saws/files.

A patina is placed in finished surface to oxidize the cuff and show the distress and surface variations. The colors run from an amber to dark bronze to black. The edges are polished to show the underlying sterling and the inside of the cuff is oxidized similarly.

This is a piece of wearable art! Only one, you’ll have original.