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Rustic Spiral Hoop Earrings


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Made to order, Rustic Sterling hoops are coiled around and fused together for a permanent join. The imperfect and highly textured silver shows a layering in the sterling made from combining layers of silver together and heating them until there is a fuse and then backing away the torch. The forming and coiling happens on steel forming stakes until the 7/8” spiraled circles are imperfectly perfect.

Fine silver chain links were forged and fused together to provide a little shine and hammered texture was added to the loops for the perfect amount of movement, length and lightweight fun. Note: the chain is intentionally asymmetrical in that one has two loops below the ear wire and one has three. The earrings are the same length.

From top of ear wires, these measure 2.4” and can be adjusted by request. These are completely hand fabricated from sterling silver (recycled) and fine silver and they have been made in my one person shop in Atlanta GA USA.

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