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Urban Rustic Pearl Earrings


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These organic reticulated and fused patterned earrings are a wonderful one of a kind addition to your unique jewelry wardrobe. Made by Susan Wachler of Metal Dance Jewelery an Atlanta one woman artisan studio.

All handmade organic and recycled, these sterling disc and wrap earrings measure 2.25” to top of ear wire, with a 1” (before hammered into a bowl shape, reverse dome) where the inner circle explodes with texture.

The micro bubbles inside the bowl or cupped circle are made by reticulation which is an intentional surface technique done with a controlled hot torch. The appliqué in circle was made just for your one of a kind bobs to bring out the artistic industrial funky artsy contemporary feel and to make a statement that you know and appreciate contemporary art jewelry.

With dress or for everyday wear, whether you’re out for artisan food, craft beverages or a day at the office, or flying solo for afternoon fun- these are clearly interesting, one of a kind and perfectly unusual.

The pearl at the ear wire is 4mm and adds a minimalist yet classic and feminine touch.

These earrings are 100% recycled sterling silver which means there is a negligible carbon footprint and no recent mining has taken place to obtain this precious metal.

The application of the oxide or patina placed on the earring is concentrated on the inside of the disc to provide contrast and to boast the micro reticulation (the tiny silver bubbles). The mixture of the oxide in the lower surfaces of the silver and the high polished shine of the higher surfaces make for a wonderful unusual beautiful urban industrial sustainable piece of wearable art.

If you like unusual one of a kind artistic contemporary jewelry in your collection which is sure to attract a crowd with good taste, these special dangles are the choice you’re looking to make.

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