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Wide Mixed Metal Ring


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Rustic OOAK Sterling silver reticulated fused appliquéd and layered with 22k gold. 3 mm White CZ however I can use a customer stone or any faceted stone by request. (Upcharge may apply)

So you want a ring that brings elements of wearable contemporary art yet also reflects something recognizable as fine jewelry? Under close examination these rings show a layered silver and gold which is carefully applied to the band and fused (controlled melting) joining layers permanently. The heat forms textures which are related to the silver and gold melting temperatures and provide an organic rustic textured- a one of a kind surface. This rings are then polished and oxidized to have the lower levels of the texture hold the oxide (darker pigment) and the higher levels show the shine of the precious metals.

Although the rings pictured are similar to one another, they are one of a kind. While each boast granules (little gold and silver balls) as well as fused patterned strips of silver and gold intended to give balance (some asymmetry) no two can be alike. These are completely hand fabricated from sterling silver sheet, 22 k gold sheet and wire and they are not cast or mass produced in any way. They show an aesthetic consistent with contemporary “art jewelry” and they are indeed pieces of wearable art.

If you aspire to have an absolutely fabulous look on your hand either as a wedding ring or a statement piece, this could be the start and finish of your search. You know that your jewelry taste is unique and that you always strive for something that’s different from the rest. You are a natural soul who enjoys beauty and elegance, yet enjoys the honesty embedded in the elements of wearable art that are also replicated in life. Sometimes things are smooth and sometimes a little rugged. You know that all of the challenges and crevices of our lives make us who we are. Shouldn’t our jewelry also reflect that authenticity?

I think so.

These rings are made to order with your specific desires accommodated. Just send me a note and we can adjust and create accordingly. If you’re not feeling like collaborating and wish to have a ring produced with these techniques and features just for you, that’s fine too.

If you’re interested please request photos of the rings which I currently have in stock as they are one of a kind .
I look forward to this adventure with you.