Wildflower Sterling Silver Hairpins by Susan Wachler Jewelry

Wildflower Hairpins



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Contemporary wildflower sterling silver hairpins featuring beautiful gemstones. The flowers of the field are a study in determination. Each spire of petals is a declaration for life, and an accomplishment of overcoming all obstacles. The cycle of seed to flower and returning again to seed is a beautiful rhythm of nature’s inherent beauty.

Rustic, charming, and unique, Wildflower Hairpins  are made to order. A celebration the tenacity of nature and the reflection of that triumph in our lives. Hand forged in sterling silver, these hairpins feature sterling silver flowers with 3mm gemstone centers.

Featuring comfortable forged sterling silver pins, these wildflower sterling silver hairpins are a unique piece of sculptural art jewelry designed to make your celebration very special. Created in sets of 3, they measure approximately 3 inches in length, and flowers are approximately 1 inch in diameter.

Note from the Artist

I make these wildflower sterling silver hairpins entirely by hand. I’m fascinated with the textures I can create combining fusing, forging, and casting. Each piece on my workbench is special, but with Wildflower Hairpins I was inspired by the unceasing drive of nature’s beauty to overcome all obstacles.

For these wildflower sterling silver hairpins, I took great pleasure in the complicated fusing of sterling silver wildflowers. Natural beauty comes in many forms, from the smallest seed to the mightiest oak, and every aspect of the journey between. The constant determination of life to overcome all obstacles is a deeply inspiring never ending journey.

Probably one of the most rewarding things to create is handmade texture- and the beautiful floral textures in Wildflower Hairpins is no exception. I always approach the creation of texture a bit like a mad scientist. The alchemy of fire, force, and metal is unpredictable and enthralling. Each hammer blow shapes the metal in a new direction. Each pass of a torch runs the risk of artistic implosion, where the metal could sink into a formless mass once more. The thrill of creation is echoed in the rush of artistic freedom with every moment, until the final texture is achieved. 

I hope you enjoy Wildflower Hairpins.


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