Telling a Story - Susan Wachler Art Jewelry

What is it to be present?

By the time we wrap our arms around it, the moments have passed. This day, these moments, these exact experiences will never be again- what is, becomes what was with every breath.

With each exhale, another piece of our story has lived. Who we are becomes who we were with each passing second.

The honor of being invited into the sharing of a story re-creates the moments which have already vanished. This witnessing resurrects the sacred past, offering the story-teller the chance to relive, reclaim, and remember. Through story, an illumination of what would otherwise remain invisible now resides in the hearts of the audience. We are less alone and hopefully blessed by the shared memories.

When we get lost in our busy lives, checking off items on the to-do lists, racing to the next hurdle, losing conscious connection with ourselves and our loved ones, we are distracted from attending to the moments and unique experiences of our present lives.

The rush to the next moment leaves little time to share or to recollect our now lost hours. It is in our stories that we make our connections to our own pasts and our shared humanity.

In my work I make a lot of jewelry. Some of it is for fun, some of it is to experiment- but often I am invited to create a piece with significance. A piece of someone’s story.

These works are my joy. They are complex. By being honored as a witness, I work with my client to bring forth moments, hours, years and lifetimes of lived experiences.

It’s a phenomenal honor.